Tuesday, January 8, 2008

InTeReStInG iNcIdEnT

I know that yukan club has ended quite some time, but I still find it amusing for this coincident.
Few days ago I supposed(lol), my parent was checking out the 4D result(well my parent bought 4D quite often) and I was juz beside them so I follow suit browsing thru the numbers though I dunno what is their winning number..

I guess you will be thinking wth has 4D got to do with yukan club?

Here is it, as I browse to the starters on the first row first set of 4 digits guess wat it is 3690!!!!(ignore the 0)and now I was a bit regret for not buying this numbers.
well it is juz a small trivial but It is really interesting to find something related to Jin in my daily life. Plus I told my sister about it she is just as surprised as I do.

Heard the full song of LIPS(Like the starting-Kame solo wif the lip smuck), I tink it is a great song but the difficulty of the song is so HIGH like hell different from others I am quite curious of the song being sing live and now I can't wait to watch the PV. The song really grows in me and yet I have not even bored of KTF. KAT-TUN really rocks my world...

p/s: Now my anticipation to watch Kame's ichipon no fukoin grows way high!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Welcome to 2008~~

Well it is new year now and I still attached to 2007 lol but I feel more refresh since it is the beginning of the year. The last day of 2007 there are so many countdown events well I didn't manage to go countdown coz I am so tired and my legs are aching sad...so I missed the firework. Anyway I did celebrate my friend's birthday and we have a nice dinner at Swenson. And the present for her is David Beckham perfume (of coz is for the ladies).

Well as I was out for the night, I miss the Johnny countdown and was only able to watch the whole thing on the next day. Well few surprise like Nagase 'Kissed' Koichi coz it is Koichi 29th birthday, Ryo's amazing fast changing of outfit and switch between Kanjani 8 and NEWS, the Rat year born Johnny's(like Jin, Ryo, Toma...), appearance of Toma and sang beside Yamap in Daite Senorita (hug^o^), groups mixing around singing past 10 years medley, Hey!say!Jump appearance at the audience seat. Last but not least PARK (yamaP, Akanishi, Ryo, Kame) version of seishun amigo. Overall quite interesting but individually they dun get much focus on the camera...
I think Arashi did a great job in MCing...

p/s: I tink I bought too much...(wanted a psp who cares to tell me where sell it at cheaper price?)

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Xmas + Jin Junno Charity radio show

Right now listening to Jin and Junno's 24 Hr charity radio program...
I am so amazed that they can talk like for 13 hr already!!
Anyway, Maru ueda and koki had already join in the broadcasting so I am wondering when kame is goin to appear???
So I still patiently waiting for Kame coz I wan Akame!!haha...
They can't even rest at all so it is so much like a marathon for them I tink it is so interesting to hear a radio program that do charity and they sure raise hell lot of money!!(of coz they are like KAT-TUN u noe!) I so willingly to fork out my money to shake Jin's hand omg (one of the segment which Jin has to go outside to ask folks to spare money for charity in return he will shake their hands)!! I am so sure there will be tons of ppl willing to do so...plus fans can queue up to enter the broadcasting venue to see them doing the show I am so jealous at these fans though they are only allow to stay for limited time.

p/s: Though I can't understand much, I still like the fact that I can hear Jin's voice!!
This makes me strive to learn japanese!!
Anyway I think I lose my company card, and it is so expensive to pay for it I tink I'm
gonna die! So quite a depressing thing to happen on christmas eve huh?

Friday, December 21, 2007


Shocking shocking NEWS!!!
Because of Ichi pon no fukuin KAT-TUN will be releasing new single on early Feb...
The song LIPS will be the theme song for the drama which starred Kamenashi kazuya.
I absolutely lovvvvvve this piece of news omg I am going to hear KAT-TUN new song sooo soon. I haven even get over with Keep The Faith and now LIPS!!
I juz asked my sister's friend to get for me Taiwan press DVD and single and probably receive it on Jan and now new single is coming!!! My money!!!

Since 2008 is coming, I assume this will be my last post of the year haha...
I kind of busy to do blogging lately plus since no one is reading anyway :(
nvm I will not give up on my blog gambatte ne.

This weeeek Yukan club has shown last episode and I juz love the last episode love the friendship six of them shared...I want SP or part II of the drama. Because of yukan club I start to realised yoko can be so kakoi, Junno can be so kawaii, emi is so pretty, Minami is so adorable and Yu can be so elegant and pretty!!
This is going to be my fav drama of the year no matter what ppl has criticize about it! Anyway I going to get my NEWS Winter con goods soon and my pay too!!! Now I really want Johnny countdown uchiwa I want Jin's Uchiwa!! Anyone getting that??

p/s: time flies fast, attachment period left 6 weeks and there is possibility of extending... I dun wan!!!
New year resolution: learn Jap, driving class

ja mata ne!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

lOnG tImE....

Very fast, my attachment has reached at the half point...now really tired.
Wanted to make my own calendar so much after seeing others doing it so finally with photoshop I've made my very own JE calendar for the whole night and it still not done yet. But I really like them very much!

Recently lots of Akame scene going on it does make me excited coz all the while they are portrayed as not getting along this and that but I do believe they are in good 'relationship'. Also I've watched Cartoon II you Tour 2007 believe me it is their greatest concert ever yet though I really want Jin has a solo performance.
And baka me for realizing that the NHK world has Shounen Club until one week ago and I have cable TV for like few months already!

I do realized that Nakai Masahiro is quite cute lol though he is like already 35 as I've watched his old clips and Utaban...I juz like the way he bullied Ryo and the whole kanjani 8 especially Yasu.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Congrats ^_^

First week sales of Keep The Faith is 351 000!! Wow more than yorokubin no uta !
KAT-TUN has broke their own record for the first week sales though expected..
The cartoon KAT-TUN II You DVD also ranked no1 omg!!!
Wanted the DVD badly...

I feel so sick these few days first sore throat then cough then flu omg!!
Still attachment, time flies really fast it's already been a month 3 more months to go...

Tonite yukan club episode 7 featuring Mike He well I shall see how a Taiwanese act in a Jdorama...Jin still as kakoi as usual...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I hate attachment argg!!

It seems like I am going to stress out for the following months of attachment...
I dun wan to be lead or anything I juz wan to complete my job as soon as possible and clear the headache project I am doin now.

Not dat I hate the company juz dat I dun like what I am doin so if can go for further studies in University I may just change course or IT course that is not too technical??? Possible.

3 months more to end attachment can't wait for graduation.

Well ometteto to NEWS for clinching first rank in weekly charts for album and single.

P/S: I realised Yoko can be really hawt and cool...