Tuesday, January 8, 2008

InTeReStInG iNcIdEnT

I know that yukan club has ended quite some time, but I still find it amusing for this coincident.
Few days ago I supposed(lol), my parent was checking out the 4D result(well my parent bought 4D quite often) and I was juz beside them so I follow suit browsing thru the numbers though I dunno what is their winning number..

I guess you will be thinking wth has 4D got to do with yukan club?

Here is it, as I browse to the starters on the first row first set of 4 digits guess wat it is 3690!!!!(ignore the 0)and now I was a bit regret for not buying this numbers.
well it is juz a small trivial but It is really interesting to find something related to Jin in my daily life. Plus I told my sister about it she is just as surprised as I do.

Heard the full song of LIPS(Like the starting-Kame solo wif the lip smuck), I tink it is a great song but the difficulty of the song is so HIGH like hell different from others I am quite curious of the song being sing live and now I can't wait to watch the PV. The song really grows in me and yet I have not even bored of KTF. KAT-TUN really rocks my world...

p/s: Now my anticipation to watch Kame's ichipon no fukoin grows way high!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Welcome to 2008~~

Well it is new year now and I still attached to 2007 lol but I feel more refresh since it is the beginning of the year. The last day of 2007 there are so many countdown events well I didn't manage to go countdown coz I am so tired and my legs are aching sad...so I missed the firework. Anyway I did celebrate my friend's birthday and we have a nice dinner at Swenson. And the present for her is David Beckham perfume (of coz is for the ladies).

Well as I was out for the night, I miss the Johnny countdown and was only able to watch the whole thing on the next day. Well few surprise like Nagase 'Kissed' Koichi coz it is Koichi 29th birthday, Ryo's amazing fast changing of outfit and switch between Kanjani 8 and NEWS, the Rat year born Johnny's(like Jin, Ryo, Toma...), appearance of Toma and sang beside Yamap in Daite Senorita (hug^o^), groups mixing around singing past 10 years medley, Hey!say!Jump appearance at the audience seat. Last but not least PARK (yamaP, Akanishi, Ryo, Kame) version of seishun amigo. Overall quite interesting but individually they dun get much focus on the camera...
I think Arashi did a great job in MCing...

p/s: I tink I bought too much...(wanted a psp who cares to tell me where sell it at cheaper price?)