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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

InTeReStInG iNcIdEnT

I know that yukan club has ended quite some time, but I still find it amusing for this coincident.
Few days ago I supposed(lol), my parent was checking out the 4D result(well my parent bought 4D quite often) and I was juz beside them so I follow suit browsing thru the numbers though I dunno what is their winning number..

I guess you will be thinking wth has 4D got to do with yukan club?

Here is it, as I browse to the starters on the first row first set of 4 digits guess wat it is 3690!!!!(ignore the 0)and now I was a bit regret for not buying this numbers.
well it is juz a small trivial but It is really interesting to find something related to Jin in my daily life. Plus I told my sister about it she is just as surprised as I do.

Heard the full song of LIPS(Like the starting-Kame solo wif the lip smuck), I tink it is a great song but the difficulty of the song is so HIGH like hell different from others I am quite curious of the song being sing live and now I can't wait to watch the PV. The song really grows in me and yet I have not even bored of KTF. KAT-TUN really rocks my world...

p/s: Now my anticipation to watch Kame's ichipon no fukoin grows way high!!


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