Friday, December 21, 2007


Shocking shocking NEWS!!!
Because of Ichi pon no fukuin KAT-TUN will be releasing new single on early Feb...
The song LIPS will be the theme song for the drama which starred Kamenashi kazuya.
I absolutely lovvvvvve this piece of news omg I am going to hear KAT-TUN new song sooo soon. I haven even get over with Keep The Faith and now LIPS!!
I juz asked my sister's friend to get for me Taiwan press DVD and single and probably receive it on Jan and now new single is coming!!! My money!!!

Since 2008 is coming, I assume this will be my last post of the year haha...
I kind of busy to do blogging lately plus since no one is reading anyway :(
nvm I will not give up on my blog gambatte ne.

This weeeek Yukan club has shown last episode and I juz love the last episode love the friendship six of them shared...I want SP or part II of the drama. Because of yukan club I start to realised yoko can be so kakoi, Junno can be so kawaii, emi is so pretty, Minami is so adorable and Yu can be so elegant and pretty!!
This is going to be my fav drama of the year no matter what ppl has criticize about it! Anyway I going to get my NEWS Winter con goods soon and my pay too!!! Now I really want Johnny countdown uchiwa I want Jin's Uchiwa!! Anyone getting that??

p/s: time flies fast, attachment period left 6 weeks and there is possibility of extending... I dun wan!!!
New year resolution: learn Jap, driving class

ja mata ne!!!