Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Xmas + Jin Junno Charity radio show

Right now listening to Jin and Junno's 24 Hr charity radio program...
I am so amazed that they can talk like for 13 hr already!!
Anyway, Maru ueda and koki had already join in the broadcasting so I am wondering when kame is goin to appear???
So I still patiently waiting for Kame coz I wan Akame!!haha...
They can't even rest at all so it is so much like a marathon for them I tink it is so interesting to hear a radio program that do charity and they sure raise hell lot of money!!(of coz they are like KAT-TUN u noe!) I so willingly to fork out my money to shake Jin's hand omg (one of the segment which Jin has to go outside to ask folks to spare money for charity in return he will shake their hands)!! I am so sure there will be tons of ppl willing to do fans can queue up to enter the broadcasting venue to see them doing the show I am so jealous at these fans though they are only allow to stay for limited time.

p/s: Though I can't understand much, I still like the fact that I can hear Jin's voice!!
This makes me strive to learn japanese!!
Anyway I think I lose my company card, and it is so expensive to pay for it I tink I'm
gonna die! So quite a depressing thing to happen on christmas eve huh?

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